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William Corduroy @ Brick and Mortar SF 2.6.20

The eccentric yet relatable icon that is William Corduroy, took the stage at Brick and Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, California on February 6, 2020, as the headlining act.

He approached the stage with a striking persona and began his performance only after a quick meditation and sip of steaming loose leaf mate. His unique character shined throughout the entirety

of his lively and passionate set. Each song was filled with energy and emotion, not only through music, but presence. He took charge of the stage with swagger, calmness, and his aura of confidence in his unapologetically offbeat personality.

William grew up in the suburbs of the modest and dull city of Stockton, California and is still there now. He grew up around music and played bass in multiple Jazz ensembles in high school and into his first year of college with a selective Jazz institute at University of the Pacific. In his first year he began to feel unmotivated and spent more time away from music. Tagging abandoned areas around the city became a regular occurrence for him. Eventually, he fell in to trouble with the police, was removed from school, and was threatened with jail time. Luckily, he got away with community service and the day following this ordeal, he created his moniker, William Corduroy. In that moment he made the decision to begin his journey on the path to where he is today.

Creating his own blend of genres that speak upon his troubling experiences in the rough town of Stockton, he has developed a unique presence in the local music scene that is h

ere to stay. He admits that a lot of his music is influenced by his background in jazz, but still refuses to stick within the barriers of traditional genres. He combines influences from a variety of genres and simply creates music that "sounds good."

Derek Tang: "What is you favorite or most meaningful lyric?"

Coming from his 2019 EP, "Wilson," he references "2002 Scum":

William Corduroy: "On 2002 Scum it goes like...

what's the point of life if I'm not that sharp? I just hate myself and all my fucking art. In the dead end town, we dance on graves for fun, but it's really ours that we're dancing on.

That's basically my favorite one because it's like oh shit, we are over here having the time of our life throwing our lives away and shit, but it's like we are just literally dancing on our own graves."

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