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Week 2 of Burd's Weekly Spotlight featuring Basi, Ricky Lake, SU'lan, BIGBABYGUCCI, and Keith Canva$. Keep an eye on these artists as they are bound to make waves the rest of 2020. A new Weekly Spotlight will be back next week with a whole new lineup of artists.


Basi - Purple Hearts (feat. Michael Sneed)

Fresh off of his EP with Bay Area producer Drew Banga, Shake The Scene, Basi is back with single Purple Hearts featuring the highly talented Michael Sneed. Produced by Stari the track features the influence of jazz sprinkled throughout. All the artists involved show no weaknesses and mesh cohesively up and down. The cadence approach Sneed comes with is his own and it’s hard to compare and box him into a sound of another artist which is rare in an industry that’s saturated with so much music. Basi doesn’t let that up either, as he enters on the track giving us a plethora of bars for us to dissect. The future is bright for these artists and we are seeing their road to stardom.

Ricky Lake - Risky Business (feat. Dee Dot Jones & WADE.08)

Quarantine has all of us down bad. Good thing we have this new wave of music to keep our ears occupied. Text Me Records affiliate Ricky Lake isn’t shy about supporting home grown businesses. Risky Business featuring Dee Dot Jones and WADE.08 highlights the life of OnlyFans models and how they are getting along with quarantine. Keeping their social distancing serious, all three artists self recorded their parts of the song with their phones, which in turn was quite a creative loophole to get a music video out. Produced by Studio_Dad, he features an upbeat tone to keep the mind in a happy state of mind all through the song. Also can't forget to mention the directorial efforts of wables as the idea of this music video was innovative during the times the world is currently in. Check out the video below.

*Viewer discretion is advised!*

SU’lan - Aye MJ

If you haven’t heard of this dynamic duo yet, catch up quick because they aren’t taking any prisoners once all hell breaks loose. Aye MJ is one out of five tracks on SU’Lan’s The Quarantine EP, all produced by Drew Banga, who has produced for the likes of Kony Ginobili, G-Eazy, Toro Y Moi, Kamaiyah, and more. Yet with focus on this track alone, SU’lan come with their hard hitting grit. Both girls have no regard for what you think about them, they already know what they bring to the table and are here to take what’s rightfully theirs in the end. Labels are surely already trying to get them to join their ranks, it’s in due time till we see SU’lan hit mainstream success.


North Carolina’s music scene is seeing another emergence of artists to make a splash in the industry. One notable artist out of that wave is BIGBABYGUCCI. This name may be familiar if you happened to frequent SoundCloud the past couple years with songs such as Trust Me, Droptop Lexus, and Summer In ‘06. Although with this latest project, BIGBABYGUCCI has seemed to find his sound and definitely seems more comfortable and consistent with the tracks he’s putting out there. The single, Gosha, off of his latest project Teen Spirit, flexes his designer wear letting his critics know that they don’t faze him. Peep the music video below and peep his new project on all streaming platforms now.

Keith Canva$ - Psyche

An artist who I know has a vault with the ability to take charts over, he remembers that patience is key. Coming out of the music scene of Portland, OR Keith Canva$ has sparsely released singles throughout the past couple years with tracks such as 90210 featuring Steven Cannon, Met in Hell, and High 2 Long, all of which have amassed 100,000 streams and more. Portland’s music scene saw emergence in Amine back in 2017 which in turn opened up the door for artists such as Keith Canva$, Cassow, T.$poon, and more. In an area where some people thought there wasn’t a chance to make it out, Amine brought those thoughts to a halt, and now with artists like Keith Canva$ he’s trying to show the next generation of artists to keep pushing with their art. The single Psyche, produced by frequent collaborator Reckless, who has done work with Blackbear, Tinashe, Wintertime, and more, is built around a catchy guitar riff that mellows the mind in security. It looks like Keith Canva$ is ready to let everyone into the vault he’s been working on, be sure to keep an eye on him the rest of 2020.

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