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This is the start of a weekly segment that we will be running through this blog, highlighting recently released tracks from artists under the radar that we believe will prosper for years to come.


MVCK - Today

MVCK is an artist of many tricks in his bag. Try to box him into a sound and he’ll surprise you with a track that comes out of left field. Coming off a quick 3 track EP to hold the masses during the mandated quarantine, MVCK is back with the single “Today”, produced by Juilia Lewis, who has recently joined the ranks of the joint venture between Quincy Jones Productions and Atlas Music as a producer. “Today” sets the vibe as the sun begins to stay out longer, the days become a little warmer, it makes you want to hop in the car and lets the windows down. One thing you can expect from MVCK is that the hook of any song he’s on will be on your mind for days to come.

Gizmo - Scaphism (feat. Kamiyada)

The underground is going through a weird standstill in terms of pushing artists out. While there are plenty of artists still putting on it seems like the spotlight on the scene has dimmed from what it was just a few years ago. That’s not to say that these artists aren’t putting their blood, sweat, and tears into the game still. Gizmo has the catalog sound of straight elbows in the pit. “Scaphism” opens up with the eerie dark intro that you know off the top you’re in for something crazy. As the beat drops, the feeling of being in the crowd as the mosh pit circles hits the soul (even harder now that everyone is under mandatory quarantine). The feature on the track, Kamiyada, a member of the Midnight Society collective, doesn’t let up that feeling Gizmo had introduced to us in the beginning. Both of these artists have a lot to share, and we look forward to what they both have in store for the rest of 2020.

Joeyscuts - Blame

The first winner of the bi-weekly Run That Back poll for a chance for their song to stay another week on our Burd’s Eye View playlist that can be found here is back with another track, “Blame”, a song that hits the soul deep down. Heartbreak and fights within a relationship can be a hard time, but Joeyscuts turns that heartbreak into a song that speaks the struggles they’ve been through. Featuring production from Ocean Beats, the track is layered with a guitar that catches the ear putting the mind on a vibe of reminiscing of better times. Inside sources say that Joeyscuts and his collective 100wrld are working on a follow up to their recently released project B.U.C.K. FILES soon.


It’s really not fair we are getting all these hard tracks without being able to have any shows. RAYWALL, an artist with a background in the metal scene, transitioned his way into the rap world at full speed ahead. The visuals showcase that he and his friends are not shy to throw wild elbows in the pit with no regard for their safety, just all in good fashion. “Young OG” makes you jealous you weren’t a part of the video. Friends gathered around having a care free good time drinking Modelos sounds like an ideal day especially during times like these. While still being relatively new to the rap scene, we’ve had the chance here at Burd MGMT to see RAYWALL perform and he looks like a seasoned vet on stage. Surely, this won’t be the last time we hear from RAYWALL this year.

Zair Williams - Full of Yourself (feat. ThatsFrago)

As we enter Spring and the thoughts of Summer hit the mind, “Full of Yourself” will have you definitely wanting to catch a vibe. Produced by DJ Chrissy Chris, Zair Williams and ThatsFrago work as a dynamic trio to set the mood of peace and bliss. But don’t let that description short the song of missing bars. The verses that are laid on this track bring us into Zair’s mind of what he’s been going through and the ambitions he’s put upon himself for the road to the top. The artistry on this track is top notch and a great example of the various types of music that Stockton, CA has to offer. To think that these recently released tracks from Zair Williams are just a warm up for what’s to come in the future is a scary thought for what he’s got in store for the rest of 2020.

Jayem - Sugar

The night is strong, the drinks are keeping you on a level of joy, the DJ is playing all the right songs, eyes set on the girl of your dreams. Both of you on the dance floor, it could be just you two and it wouldn’t matter. This is the picture painted onto the mind from Jayem’s single “Sugar”. Another alumni of our bi-weekly playlist Burd’s Eye View that, again, you can listen to here, we see another side of Jayem’s artistry outside of his other single “Punk Trap”. It’s easy to imagine this song being a part of a movie, the mood set is a story of love between two people where it seems like all outside annoyances are of no importance, the only thing that matters is the love that these two people share. With the quarantine going on, Jayem has said that he will be releasing a new song every week so be sure to stay tuned with his future releases.


Remember To Stay Safe During These Hard Times. Stay Healthy And We'll Be Back With Shows ASAP!


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